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I'm Debating!

Hello. My name is Elizabeth, and I'm a 13 year old girl planning to go to either "Les Voyageurs" or "Sen Lin Hu." My sister went to "Lac Du Bois" in Hackensack for two weeks from winning a full scholarship, and my brother went to the Swedish camp (if any of you went there, he's "Vilgot" the TALL one) this past summer.

For either one, I'm planning to go for four weeks (for credit). I've taken about a year and a half of French but I have a private tutor so it would be equivalent to about my 6th semester in high school French. I've never studied Chinese before.

Can any of you who went to one of these previously tell me about what they're like? How many four weekers would accompany me? Are there more boys or girls? How are the living conditions? I do not mind living in camps or going to the bathroom outdoors or what they call a "rustic campsite." I visited the campsite of Sen Lin Hu, and although it might be rundown compared to the Swedish village, and I was unimpressed, it's the language and the friends and the fun time I'm concerned about. :)

Oh, and if any of you can reccommend a certain session that would be great!

Thank you very much! It is just about certain that I will go and I'm so excited! I'm more strongly opinionated on Les Voyageurs, as, I'm absolutely OBSESSED with French!
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