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bonjour tout le monde!

CLV-speak/linguistic creativity

I'm doing a college paper on linguistic creativity among language learners, among other things, and am looking for examples.

What are some words/phrases invented and used only at CLV?
They can be Japanglish/Franglais/etc., multilingual sentences, whatever.

Not things that counselors teach you to say like "Sooji no KAMI-samaaaaaa...” (Japanese) or "raconte-nous une histoire ce soir" (French); things counselors or villagers make up that aren't "real" Chinese/Swedish/German/etc.

If you know, I'd like to know whether they were invented by villagers or counselors. Either way, I want to hear them.
If they're in a language other than French, Japanese, or Spanish, I'll need a more detailed explanation because I don't speak any other CLV languages.

Examples from Mori no ike: ピ乳 (pi-nyuu)、ブル乳 (buruu-nyuu)、"daijobs" rather than 大丈夫 (daijoobu)
Examples from Lac du Bois (Hackensack): faire le wipey-wipey, "I'm just blague-ing you" (blague=joke)
Anything you can remember will help me a lot!
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